A Letter to all Aged Care Providers in New Zealand.

Introducing Peak Care Advisory Limited

Dear Aged Residential Care Provider,  

It is my pleasure to introduce Peak Care Advisory Limited to you and the services we provide. Our mission at Peak Care Advisory is “Helping build profitable health care businesses." 

Our focus is aged residential care profitability. I have enjoyed more than a decade in CFO and CEO roles at Radius Residential Care Limited and most recently Promisia Healthcare Limited, both NZX listed and predominately providers of aged residential care. It is this experience, as well as thirty years in Finance, that I now look forward to sharing with the many fantastic RV and residential care providers not to the scale of the large and well-resourced NZX listed retirement industry providers.

Peak Care Advisory, an independent financial consultancy, has been set up with the passionate view that, unless there is a cure for old age, aged residential care in New Zealand must not only survive and grow to keep up with our ageing population but also, and of critical importance for the industry, it must prosper profitably and sustainably to ensure continued investment.

I would like to invite you to have a look through the Peak Care Advisory website which explains the value adding services we offer.


Are There Other Support Services?

I would also be very interested to hear if there are other areas that you and your business see value receiving support services. Staffing is a challenge at the best to times and your focus is care for your residents. The administration can be a time consuming distraction. Through an extensive network of subject matter experts we are looking to add further support service offerings such as:

  1. All back office support payroll services, payables and receivable, cash flow management and general accounting.

  2. Human resource support services including learning and development.

  3. Independent clinical review and assistance, especially preparing for audits.

  4. Supply chain management and purchases economies of scale, including outsourced kitchens.

  5. IT systems best practice with rosters and HR management systems.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

To follow I present seven possible questions you may have. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Stuart Bilbrough

B. Com, MBA (Dist.), CA (NZ)

Mobile: 021 252 5778

Email: stuart@peakadvisory.co.nz  

Seven Possible FAQ’s

1.      Why the Finance focus when I already have an accountant?

We’re certainly not wanting to replace your accountant. It is likely the engagement requires working with your accountant. My corporate finance expertise which list listed on the website – www.peakadvisory.co.nz - and a decade in health care, mostly aged residential care, is where we can add value.

2.      How does it work engaging Peak Care Advisory if we have a need?

What is critical is agreeing the task and the ultimate outcome. We clearly document this into an engagement letter which is agreed with you. This becomes the foundation of the engagement and any changes will be discussed as soon as they arise.

3.      Can you promise more profit?

Not specifically. We will be providing suggestions to add value based on many years of experience and success in health care profit growth. As part of the engagement, and based on what we identify, if implemented by your team will ensure a profitable and sustainable future going forward.

4.      What if we have the need for services not currently provided by Peak Care Advisory?

The current offering focuses on corporate finance services but we are keen to understand if there are other important support services that would add value. This may include HR expertise, payroll reviews, roster best practice and so on. With this need we would look to bring this expertise into Peak Care Advisory

5.      Who are your subject matter experts referred to on the website?

You may be wondering when reading through the website is there a number of people, that is “we” or just one person, which is “me.” Having been involved in aged care in New Zealand since 2010 at the C suite level I have grown a wide network of subject matter experts I can engage if there is anything I do not have relevant expertise.

6.      We have strict Covid protocols so may not be able to meet face to face.

This is no problems in the new age of online meetings and other communication. It is hard to think of many services provided by Peak Care Advisory that requires being on-site.

7.      It seems that Peak Care Advisory is aged care focused rather than RV and GP?

Aged care is the starting point although we have a lot of experience with retirement village developments and nearly three years in primary health and GP practices. We consider aged residential care profitability is where there is currently the greatest need. Even in an integrated retirement village, the rest home should not be considered the loss leader in the greater business and subsidised by the sale of occupational rights agreements and related capital gain.